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I called in to get all my cameras on line because most of the time I only used one.The two outdoor cameras sat in there boxes unless I wanted to hook them up and that was very seldom.I called in was on the phone for about an hour with the tech and had no luck getting them to link up to go on line so he sends me to sales to get new ones only to find out feont point want to charge me for new ones.Then try to cur me a deal to sign up a 1 year contract and a discount on my monthly payment.I told them they need to make a completly new contract that says they stand behind there cameras.I told them if they cant give me new cameras that dont work then Im going elsewhere.They wouldnt budge therefore I cant Vouch for this company.I think they dont care enough about keeping there customers happy and are more inttested in keeping you in a contract and charge you for cameras that dont work correctly.They dont have the motion detection at the amout of feet they tell you there rated at either.The one camera that was working has either been disable by them or it has quite working also but I think there mad for me leaving so they disable it.Companys just dont care enough anymore to keep there buisness in good standing and go out of there way to keep there customers happy.The cameras or from one of either two companys.Most of the security company get them from GE and there bought in bulk so they get them for pennys on the dollar.I feel alot of company think the consumers dont know a thing about business so they take advantage of them instead of doing the right thing for there workers and there customers.Its a shame and I will never go back to this company again.I spent well over a thousand dollars for there equipment and now that is a loss in my pocket book.Just the repeater alone cost $300.00.Thanks A Lot FrontPoint for taking advantage of the consumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontpoint Security Security System.

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Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We would like the opportunity to look into your account and make this situation right.

At your earliest convenience, could you please email us at with the name on your account? Thanks again and we hope to hear from you soon!

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