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I have been with the company for over three years now. I am well passed my contract expiration, however today I called to cancel my services and was told that I have to give 30 days notice, and will be charged for the 30 days while waiting to cancel. This is absolutely absurd, they are forcing me to pay another month of service, just to cancel. I will be involving a lawyer, if they do not allow me to stop service immediately. Read more

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I want to first say front point has exceptional employees as far as trying to help the best they can but this is the worst service yet and a money pit as well. The contract length is ridiculous and if you think about it. The contract wouldnt need to be 3 or how ever many years it is if it was quality service. During my first thirty days I called to cancel my service and one of the agents begged me to give it a chance and even emailed me after.... Read more

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They are still billing me after cancelling months ago. And calling them is pressure sales. Am tired of repeating myself and don't have time to keep calling this company. They won't let you cancel

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I WAS using FrontPoint Home Security to protect my home. Previously, I was with ADT. Well, a young man was sitting on the steps of my home in October 2011 and explained that he had an amazing wireless security system. He explained that since ADT was not wireless a theft could cut the wires FROM the outside of my home and still breakin. Well, I thought this was a great idea, UNTIL this happened. I purchased the FrontPoint Home Security... Read more

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This company is a scam. I've had Frontpoint for about 2 years now. Not very happy with the fact that the system goes off-line for no apparent reason. Not happy either with the cheap door sensors that are glued to the door facing and constantly require fussing with - they come unglued, get in the way of the door shutting and have to be re-adjusted constantly. Then try to cancel the service. I was told on the phone at the outset that there... Read more

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BUYER BEWARE!!! This is a three year contract even if your equipment stops working!! We were happy when we first agreed to this as we rent Our house and wanted to take our alarm system with us when we moved. Upon getting the equipment one of our door sensors did not fit one of the doors, and the alarm was barely audible outside the room the base was in. When the equipment stopped working I stopped paying. Now I have nasty employees from... Read more

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I am extremely pleased with our system. Albeit its a 3 yr contract, its a lot less than other companies. Fortunately, we got the system in a rental and will be moving it to our new larger home. Love the fact we cn buy pieces ala carte. Even tho they are pricey, it has been worth it. App works on both of our phones, great feature and is useful to ensuring landlord does not sneak in and out. We do have two small cats and this has not set our alarm... Read more

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FrontPoint sold me a system and I really was happy with it until I found out that an app I was using to arm and disarm my system was "temporary" and "not part of my basic plan." This would have been all well and good if someone had TOLD me about that when selling me my system. ( would have declined to pay more for monitoring and moved on to another company). I had numerous conversations with tech support when installing my system when they... Read more

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BEWARE! You will be entering into a full 3 year contract which you cannot break. Strange, since their equipment does. We kept having issues with our very small dogs setting off motion sensors, so they had us move them around. (It costs money if you have false alarms, you know.) Their mobile app only worked for one of us. Then we came to a point where we needed to watch our pennies (compensation change) and needed to quit service. It would... Read more

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I am currently shopping for an alarm system. Called Frontpoint sales an here is my experience with them. I spoke to Brenden Shoop. I wanted to ask some technical questions. I told Brenden that I was currently shopping and comparing my options. He said "Why would I want to bother looking at other systems, since Frontpoint is the best?" I was immediately a little irritated by this statement. Then he said, "Let me run through a sample... Read more

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